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Seiichi Furuya
Graz, 1981
90 pages
24 x 24 cm
82 b/w
Camera Austria


out of print


Text: Klaus Honnef

Furuya searches for the face of Amsterdam in the faces of the people crowding its streets. Accordingly, his perspective is that of the flâneur who calmly and casually, as it were observes the people hurrying past him. He does mix with the crowd, it is true, but, in marked contrast to the people rushing by or towards him, he is without plan or direction, as it seems. He simply drifts along. The city reveals itself to him in its busy crowds – crowds that present themselves in ever changing forms and constellations. He enjoys being engulfed by the crowd – something politicians are often to be heard enthusing about. Furuya's photographs speak of his fascination, but fascination is not all there is to them; even though this might be our impression at first glance.

The colorful figures – colorful in every way – that people Furuya's photographs greatly contribute to this impression. Hardly ever do we find a face that would be considered average. A motley of races appears in the photographs, expressive faces, though strangely rigid, even mask-like; not concentrated on the camera and the photographer, but on something outside the rectangle of the photograph, something not captured by it; fantastic figures in crazy get-ups, with the craziness and strangeness certainly not manifested solely by the extraordinary but rather, for the most part, by the very ordinariness of their dress, which sometimes strangely contrasts with the person it is supposed to clothe.…

© Klaus Honnef, 1981

An excerpt from a text, AMS, 1981, Graz