Aus den Fugen

Text: Masashi Kohara

This work was published in 2007 to accompany an exhibition of the same name at the Sculpture Garden Museum, Vangi Museo, in Shizuoka. In 2010 virtually the same exhibition, with the same name was recreated to be held once more at the same museum. A German translation of the title of an essay that Masashi Kohara wrote for the catalogue, ‘Dakkyu shita jikan’ (Time Out of Joint), was adopted for the exhibition name.

Time Out of Joint

... The constant of being late for the “events”, the living of the other’s death, the being divided from the other, and further the impossibility of existing except as in the middle of the relationship with the other, these are just the same as given conditions that are inescapably compelling in our lives.  While contemplating the “deaths” that are “shared” as the limit of what can be concluded alone, it may be that Furuya lives this finiteness as a given.  And then, so as not to lose her again, he seems to listen for the pulse in the left-behind photographs, and keeps on walking, in a single-track time that is trespassed by all manner of non-presents, in a “time out of joint”.  Wondering wryly to himself about his getting involved with a woman and his becoming a “photographer” in a foreign land ...

© Masashi Kohara, 2007

An excerpt from a text "The Time Out of Joint", Aus den Fugen, 2007, Tokyo

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