Face to Face, 1978-1985 (2021)

- 150 photos: 94 b & w, 56 color; - Size of photo: 14.8  x 21.0 cm

- Installation:

1) on the table, size: 90 cm x ca. 18 m

2) on the wall, length: ca. 18 m

In early 2018, Furuya was invited to hold a solo exhibition. He decided on an exhibition theme considering the location and space of the museum.

»It must be the last of the" Mémoires "...«

Without hesitation, Furuya began to search through all the possible materials Christine had left and to sort and check the detail of the found items. Super 8 films, tape cassettes and pocket camera films are part of the yield. After several months of intensive study of the materials, Furuya has created some works that could be a good fit for the exhibition. First, he had to make photoprints from newly found films, which Christine herself had photographed. The result was well above expectations. For the first time ever, he saw many photos that Christine had made herself.?

While researching Christine's photos, S. Furuya noticed that Christine often took a portrait of him. And this act of "photographing and being photographed" continued with varying intensity until one day before her death in East Berlin in 1985. The work "face to face" consists of portraits of Christine and Seiichi, so 150 pairs of photos taken at the same time from 1978 to 1985.


A book “Face to Face" will be published by Chose Commune in the fall of 2020.

Pictures of this work